An Eunuch Dancer who works for the Masqued Ball


Emasculated by the Dwarves of the Low City of Ysar as he was only a Child, Shabrit grow up as a charming, but lethal creature, who nurtures upon anger and revenge.
You can mistake him easily for a lithe, androginous girl, covered with flashy, even if fake, jewels, veils, feathers as his main persona is “the red parrot” , a dancer.
His skills in acrobatics are actually more useful for his real work, which is scouting, spying, bribing and seducing for her real Masters, The Masqued Ball, a Thieves Guild of Ysar.
His most threatening feature is perhaps his ability to hide his bardic powers of suggestion and charm into the smooth movements of his body.

Seeing Shabrit’s true face his quite uncommon. He bears many scars, has no hair at all, and much more older as one can guess

Recently he has been disfigured by the whip of Hull the Scorpion, and you can bet, he is still having a grudge against him (the “Blondie”)

Shabrit showed a great interest in Etna and would do everything to protect her. Curiously he can find her almost everywhere


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