Raphiel, the traitor

the demon who conspired against the Warlock Prince of Ysar


Raphiel used to be one of the most trusted demon slaves of the Prince of Ysar. Conjured a century ago in the Green Temple of the Acropolis he served his Master in every way possible.
Eventually he grew tired of his slavery and with the help of the Hagria Velvena tried to overcome the power of his Prince.
With treachery and seduction he managed to most ruthless crime: he stole the semen of the Prince and tried to get a heir of Royal Blood, who could actually break all the blood sigils and blood spells of the Prince himself.
The only child to survive was a young Half-Orc who displayed since her childhood a powerful magic gift: Etna.
The Queen of Lethea ordered him to train the child until she reached puberty, but the conspiration was discovered and Raphile captured and punished.
Instead of skinning him, as he normally would have done, the Prince turned him into the very executioner’s stone: damned to see forever the axe of the henchman and the death in the eyes of the executed.
He was awaken by Baenafea during the attack to the Kraken Island. He had the form of a Stone Golem untill Etna gave him freedom with her own blood.
The he kidnapped the girl and her Protector, Laertis, and flought away, direction: Letheatumblr_m2rcfqr8rW1qhodd8o1_1280.jpg


Raphiel, the traitor

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