Hagria Velvena

Hagria Velvena, is the Queen of Lethea, one of the few survivors from the Cataclysm


The Queen of Lethea claims to be Velvena, the only surviving daughter of Hagrios Sevastos 79°, the last Emperor of the World.
She is called also the One Eyed Queen, because she sacrificed one of her eyes to obtain extreme magical power, and the Saddle Queen, because she loves to ride and lives in a moving city made of tents.
They say that she can use other people’s eyes to watch everywhere.
They also say that she is immortal but needs to nurture herself with nasty stuff (blood? demon’s heart?)

People from Lethea greatly fear and respect their Queen.
The Church of Spina would like to see her beheaded
The Warlock Princes of the 5 Free Cities got some commercial deals with her merchants but are very suspicious of her movements.
In the North and West she is considered a Legend, many even doubt that she really exists.

Hagria Velvena

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