The Boundless Empire

everything comes back

As they leave the underground temple, they discover that all the plateau over the acropolis is covered by a thick, snow-like, mould. Mould – Flakes like gigantic pollen-flakes are floating in the air. A majestic cage of mould and mushroom-tendrils cage Ulutiu, the demon who tried to escape the temple.
To the eyes of the Elf and the young sorceress all the whitness look like a living magical creature.
Ulutiu begs for freedom
And then Etna steps forward. She cuts her arm with the holy dagger, and as her blood touches the demon-mould she can command it.
She give freedom to the demon for the second time, but she is not ready for what is coming.
the demon-mould caught the attention of many commoners (children, people of the low cities). But when the Elf takes his raven form and flies over the acropolis he can spot two groups of people in arms who are coming on the top of the hill with menacing intentions.
From one side the Guardsmen of the Prince, lead by his First Apprentice. On the other side a group of commoner with the holy amulets of the Weeping Knights and blades covered with the holy blood of the Red Pontifex.
The two groups start to fight on the acropolis giving Etna and Hull the chance to hide back in the Temple.
The Weeping Knights are the first to reach the entrance because they knew its location.
Hull uses his magickal armlet and becomes invisible. Then he tricks the Kinights and pretend to be the ghost of Dae. He warns them to find Dae’s corpse and give it a proper funeral but also to go and search for “the girl who cannot be killed by the plague” in the low city. His interpretation of the ghost is sooooo amazing that also Etna believes in it.
Unfortunately the First Apprentice manages to reach the Temple too. Using his powerful Cloudkill spell he kills most of the clerics.He tries to speak with Etna, but from the shadows the Scorpion strikes.
The acid whip of Hull is quick and lethal. It almost kills the Apprentice, if it were not for the Guardsmen and his Fungus-Demon who protect him.
Etna casts some powerful Fireballs and Hull hits again and again with his merciless sting.
The defensive cloudkill of the Apprentice make them escape anyway…
The Guardsmen are dead. The Apprentice disapperead. The Fungus Demon looks like a calcified structure with no life.
Etna and Laeris finds a refuge in the innermost rooms of the Temple.
Hull escapes outside. He is sick because of the Cloudkill but still excited because of the fight. He is the only one to spot a grey figure approaching the temple.
Even if he is not dressing his usual flashy clothes he recognizez Shabrit.
The bard looks for Etna. He seems really worried.
But before he can speak the Scorpion hits. With his whip Hull breaks the neck of the bard leaving both Etna and Laertis speechless
Then he starts to cut his head
Laertis is disgusted. But that’ s how humans think. As you are dead you are worthless.
The Elf watches Hull severing the head of the bard, cutting his nipples and navel to steal his jewells. And he casts a curse on the Thief. Misfortune….
Laertis cannot leave all the dead to their miserable doom. He calls upon all his power to give them a proper funeral.
As the elf channels the power of the ancient gods both Etna and Hull experience a vision: a huge black feathery shadow engulf Laertis. The God of Secrets, Brona the Crow, his next to his last pupil.
But he cannot do really much…the acropolis is tainted and instead of flowers, only black thorns grow from the earth grabbing the corpses of the many dead



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